Prior to breaking ground it is our policy to build your entire house on paper, down to the “last nail.” This upfront, comprehensive approach results in a smoother, more enjoyable construction process, virtually no surprises, no “do-overs” nor costly changes in the field, and the highest quality homes. This is also a significant step towards meeting your budget. We thoroughly enjoy this phase as it is during this time that we’re getting to know you and your future home. We gain the understanding necessary to ensure that we meet your expectations.

Standing Stone Builders takes a very hands-on approach to building homes for our clients. We believe that this is one of the keys to quality, efficiency and the overall success of the home-building journey. Our sub-contractors express that they see Dave on site more frequently than other builders. They appreciative this as it makes the job run more smoothly and there is rarely a question as to what needs to be done or how it needs to be done.

“The quality of the home Dave built for me and the attention to detail is extraordinary. Dave is an amazing communicator, super organized, accurate with pricing, detailed with billing, ready for any big challenge and NEVER forgets the slightest of details. Dave and each of his sub-contractors were a pleasure to work with. The entire building process was a pleasure & success.
— Barbara Hearne

We’ve been very successful in finding tradesmen who enjoy what they do, are excellent at what they do and are a pleasure to have on the job site. There is a mutual respect among the sub-contractors that Dave brings to the job, and this is felt by everyone involved.